• Child Fastpitch Pitcher And Injured Wrist? What You Can Do About This

    If your child plays softball and loves to pitch, it can be easy to become injured, especially if they have been pitching for a long time. There are many injuries that can happen, one being an injury to the wrist. This is because the wrist is used in a snapping motion when the ball is released. If your child's doctor has told them they have this injury they can try many things to get their wrist back to normal again.
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  • Weak Bones: Reduce Your Risk Of Bone Fractures And Osteoporosis With These Tips

    Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Perhaps you have a family history of this condition, or you may have been told by a doctor that you have weakened bones. Some people do not consume enough calcium and do not realize the seriousness of a calcium deficiency. One major consequence is weak and brittle bones. This means that they are putting themselves at risk for bone fractures if they do not make lifestyle changes.
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